Wednesday, 9 November 2011

21st Century Technology

Hey there,
I'm still getting used to blogging I've been thinking all week what to write to you, what questions to ask, what arguements to have and decided just to write something, ask a question and try to argue. As much as I don't like to argue I have to admit that how technology should be used in technology is a controversial subject don't you agree?
There are so many positive influences that technology can have in schools and whether we like it or not this is the start of the 21st century and we should be taking confident steps forward in the transformation of education not holding on to the 'safe' methods in teaching and learning, we should try out some new ones... we might just find out that we can create a first class education system for children and educationalists.
I like to buy the Times Education Supplement on a Friday (£1.70) I have found quite a lot of articles in the TesPro section of the paper recently that relate to technology in education. If this is something that interests you then I suggest you definately have a look! One of the areas mentioned recently is whether handwriting in schools is necessary for children anymore? With all of technology thats available for them is their handwriting really that important? what do you think?
I think it is, I think it's important for children to have pride in their work all the time and if they're not proud of their writing how are they going to feel when they make a note on a piece of work? will they hide what they're writing because they don't want anyone to read it or just not make a note at all? what happens when there's a birthday or special occasion and they want to write in a card or send someone a letter? will it be 'cool' in ten years time to not write neatly or spell things properly?
what I would most like your opinion on is what affect you think technology will have on education in the 21st century?
I look very much forward to reading your comments,
Rose-marie :)



  1. Good start on your blog Rose-Marie. I like the look and feel of your layout, and the way you have phrased your question is hopefully going to attract some readers and commentators. Well done.

  2. I grew up with very strict handwriting lessons and value my writing now, My little brother is incredibly dyslexic was not given any handwriting lessons and has awful handwriting now and is very aware of it so types everything.

    In my opinion it is incredibly important for schools to give handwriting lessons and not just incourage children and teenagers to type everything because there will come a time when they will need to write a piece of text whatever that may be and their not going to have the appropriate written skills to do it.

    Handwriting is an absolute must, its one of the first things that we should be taught and we shouldn't feel like we need to turn to technology.

  3. i agree with you, i think it's important for schools to get the right balance.
    technology is an important educational tool but handwriting should be important as well.
    assistive technology ( so many opportunities for children and helps them gain independence but nobody should every become dependant on technology.
    thank you for your comment :)

  4. Hi Rose-Marie. Thanks for the plug to my link.
    For my daughter and I, handwriting is incredibly important, and I feel the school have the right balance with her learning. She has incentives to learn to write neatly and clearly; such as getting a 'pen licence' when her pencil writing is good enough.
    However, for my autistic son, he finds the concept and reality of handwriting a hugely difficult task, yet he can word process with ease. He'll knock out a page of A4 text complete with punctuation and correct use of spelling and capitals etc. no problem. But ask him to write - and he withdraws and struggles.
    Utilising the technology is a fabulous way of including him in activities he would otherwise struggle with.

  5. Hey Jo, that's okay I thought some people reading might want to find out a little bit more about assistive technologies and seeming as you so kindly shared your presentation on i was able to include the link.

    Thank you for your comment it is good to hear your thoughts on your children's and your experiences. You have pointed out that the use of technology in education is important and should be supported.

    Thank you.

  6. Interesting topic Rose-Marie, it is worth considering if incorporating all this technology means learners lose certain skills and abilities, i.e. writing, in gaining new ones. In our ever-evolving digital world, is this change inevitable - will we eventually lose the ability to write?


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